#MenDoLunchDay added a moustache because we support Movember
We added a moustache in 2020 to signify Andy’s fundraising for Movember

Do something you love & then ‘do lunch’

Our 2020 theme is wellbeing – so we are encouraging you to have a self-focus in the morning of 14th Nov. Do something for you – something which makes you feel good, that helps you recharge, chill or feel invigorated.

Work up an appetite & then ‘Do lunch’ with a man you care about. Maybe invite a man, mate, brother, Dad, son, cousin, colleague, partner , husband to do an activity with you – try something different, try something new – have some fun.

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Sign up for these events

Here are some of the cracking events which you can sign up for as part of this initiative to help people connect – especially with a man they care about and are worried about through this difficult time.

Lunch with Andy

Have a virtual lunch with Andy Elwood (founder of #MenDoLunchDay – bring something to eat & bring yourself – even better, bring a mate! There will be wellbeing info, chat, craic and most important of all – a supportive environment for whatever is going on in your life right now.

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Men talking about how they are over lunch
#MenDoLunchDay 2019

Build hope for the future with lego!

If you follow me, you’ll know that I love a bit of lego, especially the Technic kits! In this session, Theresa Quinn has kindly donated her time and expertise to lead a group coaching session for men. Thank you so much Theresa – sign up on this link:


Men’s yoga session

Try it – you might like it…. Imagine being flexible as well as strong or fit? I wish yoga had been recommended to me much earlier in my life – this is a yoga session for beginners led by a fellow Community Ambassador for Movember – Nathan Thomas


Nathan is the ‘filthy’ one you’ve seen on all the adverts…

‘Who do you think you are?’

A virtual group coaching session on how men see themselves, societies expectations and the negative impact they have on men’s wellbeingSpecial thanks to Karen Lothian offering her time & experience helping for the #MenDoLunchDay cause on 14th Nov starting at 10am – sign up here:


Post a picture with the hashtag #MenDoLunchDay

Get involved – whatever you do on Sat 14 Nov – spread the word it’s OK to talk. Post a picture on your social media with our hashtag. Thank you.

How other people are getting involved…

Mostly virtually – that’s how, but if your local rules allow to meet a male friend – please do, you may just save a life at lunch!

People are inviting a man they care about to lunch for a chat about how they are – asking questions, listening & catching up. They are offering connection, support & an opportunity to have a good old-fashioned chinwag with each other. It’s never been more important to make time for this in our busy busy 24/7 lives.

Other people are wild swimming, mountain biking, walking with their dogs, skateboarding, gardening, doing whatever they love to feel good.

We can’t wait to see your pictures and what you get up to – who you meet & what you have for lunch!