This year it’s more important than ever before!

#MenDoLunchDay 2020
Do something you love in the morning & then ‘do lunch’

3rd year of #MenDoLunchDay

We want you to be a man of more words! This is what 14 November is all about. #MenDoLunchDay is an excuse to connect, a reason to focus on talking to other men – your mates, your brother, your father, your son, your husband, boyfriend, partner, your colleague.

For the last 2 years we have met at lunchtime and had a conversation with a man we cared about – asked him how he is and told him how we are. We made is OK to talk about stress, not sleeping well, grief, overwhelm, worry, we made it OK to talk about whatever was going on in your life. Last year we went global, this year we are doing more…

2020 – this year we are doing more

We have a theme of ‘Wellbeing’ which we are focusing on during the moring of 14 November before lunch!

This year we are fundraising for Movember as part of the event.

Our ‘captain’ of the southern hemisphere – David Riddell – is attempting to launch the event into space… stay tuned! This could be mega…

Men talking about how they are over lunch
#MenDoLunchDay went global in 2019!

How you can get involved

It’s free to take part, although this year we are encouraging donations to #Movember – whatever you can afford. Have a supportive conversation over lunch and take a selfie, (a screenshot of you on zoom works too) then post to your social media using #MenDoLunchDay

  1. Ask a man you care about to lunch and talk about how you are feeling…. then ask him how he is – how he really is & start the conversation. There has never been a more important time for men to talk about how they are feeling, what pressures they are under and how 2020 has been affecting them. Post a photo & use our hashtag #MenDoLunchDay
  2. Set up a zoom call for your mates, colleagues, team members to join together and chat over lunch. If you are able to meet face-to-face that’s great, but technology means that we can share some food with other men in another part of the country or around the world, inspite of COVID and lockdown. If you’d like to co-ordinate with your work colleagues – feel free to set up a lunch call on a work day.
  3. Do something for your wellbeing on the morning before lunch and tell us what you did – use the hashtag #MenDoLunchDay and post a photo on your social media.
  4. Join me & raise funds for Movember – details of how to set up your own page and join the #MenDoLunchDay team are below.
  5. Follow me on social media and promote the event within your network – grow the conversation around men’s health & make it OK to talk. Ultimately, you could save a life at lunch by allowing a man to open up about real concerns in his life & helping him find an escape off the road to suicide, which is a global problem, especially for men.

Talking is a positive coping strategy

Talking is a positive coping strategy, whatever is going on in your life, & especially during testing times so we encourage men to open up to someone they trust on 14 Nov each year – over lunch or brunch.

There will be plenty of top tips of what to talk about and how to listen between now and 14th Nov – so follow me on social media & set yourself up for a great chinwag on #MenDoLunchDay.

If you are worried about someone & have been trying to support them for a while, this is a special opportunity to embrace and make another extra effort to give your time & support to a man you care about. The power of empathy, just by listening, is incredible & can be the start of someone turning things around and finding help & support in 2020 – the most difficult of years.

Women – we need your help

Men are not good at talking, we often bottle things up & this can lead to suicide in the extreme. We aim to change that. Many men, who don’t feel comfortable speaking to their male friends or colleagues, will open up to a women they trust – so ladies – please invite a man you care about to lunch on the 14th November… many women have been involved so far and we welcome you again this year.

Andy Elwood Movember fundraising
Andy’s Mo Space is open for donations to Movember now

Set up your own fundraising page for Movember

Goto Movember website and set up your own Mo Space and then join the ‘#MenDoLunchDay 14 Nov’ team.

You don’t have to grow a moustache – there are so many ways to raise money – hosting a lunch on #MenDoLunchDay could be how you get involved! Let’s have some fun – make new friends, join the leading charity for men’s health globally. Look after yourself and other men you care about.

This is a way to make the event even more worthwhile and see how much dosh we can raise together for the leading men’s health charity worldwide! Have a look at the info on Movember website about all aspects of men;s health – physical & mental.

Do what you love & then ‘do lunch’

Do something positive for your wellbeing is the theme for 2020! We want you to make time on the morning of 14 November to do something for yourself… it is so important to schedule out some time for you! Block some time off for yourself – we must recharge for our own resilience and put our own oxygen mask on first before we help others.

We’d love you to share some of the activities which you love to do – share a photograph or host an online event to share with others the benefits of your favourite activity! You may just inspire someone else & improve their life too, as well as doing something for yourself.

So far we have wild swimming, cycling, running, lego building, yoga, cooking, enjoying the allotment – we are giving you an excuse to do what you love in the name of men’s health! How will you spend the morning of 14th Nov before brunch or lunch with a man or men you care about?

Get in touch

Follow me and the event on social media below – we’ll be sharing lots of positive resources and tips in the run up to 14 Nov – please retweet & share the content – let’s spread the message as far as possible. Thank you!

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