Mental Health First Aid Training

Do you believe that everyone deserves to be heard and understood?

Break the stigma around mental health where you work and ensure no-one suffers alone.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is an internationally recognised education and training programme, which was introduced to England by Department of Health in 2007.

Mental Health England courses are quality assured, tried and tested and underpinned by research. The Adult MHFA instructor programme is accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health.

When you complete a course with Andy, you will become part of a community of over 500,000 people in England and 6 million people worldwide.

Mental Health First Aiders:

Spot the early signs of a mental health issue

Feel confident to provide initial help

Preserve life when a person may be at risk of harm to themselves or others

Help mental health from getting worse

Promote recovery and good mental health

Understand the stigma that exists around mental health

What people say about Andy’s training:

‘I’ve learnt to listen more, be non-judgemental, learn a new language skill set and been inspired by Andy and others on the course.’

‘This course is truly life changing’

‘Andy is great and I would say it has been by far the best lead course I have ever attended!’

‘The course was very powerful and I have learned so much. I am very humbled and grateful to have been a part of it. Thanks so much for your time, Andy.’

‘Extremely useful course, Andy is brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed and now have techniques i can use for myself and to help others.’

‘Thank you so much, I have found this course to be so helpful and I genuinely feel I’ll be able to use these skills in life, in and out of work.’

‘My daughter has had panic attacks and I now feel I am able to support her through these with much more confidence.’

‘This has boosted my knowledge and confidence to use these skills in work and my personal life,’

‘I went to book a refresher course via the MHFA website, however these are not with Andy – we would really like to do the refresher with Andy, he was absolutely fantastic!’

Next MHFA dates:

MHFA Refresher course £150+VAT

Friday 19th July 2024 – 0900-1300

MHFA Refresher course £150+VAT

Monday 14th October 2024 – 0900-1300

What people say about Andy:

‘Really encouraging and supportive’

‘Excellent, friendly, inclusive’

‘Passion for MHFA and its objectives’

‘Warmth, credibility, ease with content’

‘Really clear, friendly & accessible’

‘You remain fully connected to us all when you facilitate, it’s like you hold us in your hands – it’s lovely!’

‘Very relaxed and confident delivery with an open manner, which puts trainees at ease’

The cost of mental ill health to UK business is huge: estimates suggest between £70bn to £100bn annually (1) and the cost of ‘presenteeism’ could be higher still.

Andy is credible, approachable and empathetic, who will help you deliver these benefits where you work.

Watch the video to understand how MHFA has helped other businesses.

Andy’s profile on MHFA website.

  1. Davis SC. Annual Report of Chief Medical Officer 2013, Public Mental Health Priorities: Investing in the Evidence. Department of Health 2014. Available at 10 April 2016)