Hi, how you doing? Thanks for clicking onto my site.

Imagine a world where it is OK to be you. Imagine a world where it was actually cool to be you. Imagine if you were happier. Imagine if the answers to our most complicated questions were a little bit simpler. Imagine a world where men helped each other, where it was OK to ask for help, where it was OK to work less and have more fun. Imagine a world where we shaped our culture and made the world a better place. Interested? I want to hear from you – get in touch.

I write about men, men’s health, men’s mental wealth. I open up about myself to illustrate that #itsoktotalk and for men to show emotions. I get under the bonnet of what it’s like to be a 21st century man, I meet other men, chat, check out their vehicles and have a look inside their man caves.

I use my 1973 Series III 88′ petrol Land Rover to do this. Why? Because it’s fun, it’s what I want to do. It’s a challenge and it’s me. I bought the Landie for 3 reasons.

  1. It’s a way to remember my Dad in a good way. We most bonded when working on old vehicles and driving them. I bought the Landie with a little bit of money he left me.
  2. I had a flashback to a patient trapped in a Land Rover after an IED attack in Afghanistan, when I was the paramedic on the RAF battlefield rescue helicopter. I believe in getting back on the horse – so by driving my own Landie, I look forward rather than backwards. I don’t let this define me, I use it instead. I want to grow, not be stuck in the past.
  3. It’s a way for me to have some quality ‘me-time’, get in the outdoors, have a focus on improving her and meeting like minded blokes. This is especially important when I feel down and gives me a reason to feel good.

So let’s get started – click on a post and see where this journey takes us.