Watch Andy talk about his own mental health journey through difficulties to Wellbeing.

Andy strongly believes #itsoktotalk

‘When someone is courageous enough to talk to you about their feelings, they really need your support.

Here are 3 things you can do to help:
1. Create safety & trust
2. Listen carefully
3. Don’t judge’

Despite having served in Afghanistan and a career as a Search and Rescue winchman, the bravest thing Andy has ever done is admitting his own vulnerability.

He has experienced the extremes of emotions.

Euphoria: saving a life after risking his own

Fear: during a flashback to Afghanistan

Despair:when attending many suicide callouts.

Andy has been affected by the cumulative effects of all of these incidents through his work.

Risks to mental health in the 21stCentury

Despite developing resilience through his military service and search and rescue career, Andy has a personal life, like all of us, and that’s where his mental strength has been tested most. Divorce, caring for loved ones through illness, bereavements, building your own business whilst changing jobs, getting promoted and moving home are just some of the things which may be affecting you too, in addition to the challenges and responsibilities of work.

Career highlights

Leading Clinical Governance for half of the UK

Queen’s Commendation for Bravery in the Air

Personal Commendation of Commander-in-Chief Air Command

Medical Emergency Response Team (RAF Battlefield rescue helicopter in Afghanistan)

Vodafone Lifesaver of the Year

Being stranded for 6 hours with casualties in a blizzard

Building an AIDS/HIV hospice in Africa

Andy also delivers Human Factors training to NHS clinicians and has delivered face-to-face and online medical training for responders treating civilian casualties in the Syrian crisis.

Find out more about MHFA training with Andy here.